Business Continuity

Here in south Florida, power outages disrupt businesses for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Can your company afford to have your network down for a single day? A week? Three weeks? Anikos Technologies has business continuity solutions for just about any budget. Whether you need a short term uninterrupted power solution to buy you enough time to safely power down your systems or need your systems to be online and available 100 percent of the time, Anikos Technology can design a plan that addresses your business continuity requirements.

Disaster Recovery

When a server does fail and you have a backup, a traditional restoration involves reinstalling the server’s operating system, reconfiguring the server, and then restoring the data. From there, all of the network PCs must be reconnected to the newly restored server, potentially taking many hours – or days – to return the network to its previous working state.

Anikos Technologies understands that most businesses can’t afford to wait several days to recover from a server crash. Anikos Technologies prefers the “bare metal restore” process, a process that takes far less time to accomplish than the traditional restoration. This approach uses applications that take an exact image of a server or workstation. The image is then restored onto different hardware. Performing a bare metal recovery saves time and results in huge cost savings for our clients. Not only is this process less expensive, your business will be up and running faster with less revenue lost due to the server failure.

Data Backups

In addition to power concerns, the safety and integrity of your data is also crucial. We offer a number of data backup solutions to ensure that should something go awry, your data is safe and sound. From redundant drives, RAID drives, and other forms of onsite backup systems to secure, online backups, regular data backups are a must.

While tape and optical backups have long been used in small and medium sized businesses, physical media such as tapes must be changed by authorized staff members. Ideally, the backups should be stored offsite in case of fire or computer theft. However, this presents logistical and security concerns. Anikos Technologies offers a number of data backup solutions including secure online backups. Should a fire destroy your building or a thief run off with your server, your data is safe and easily downloaded to a new server.

Data Recovery

Did an employee accidentally format his computer’s hard drive? Did a flood damage your server? Did a network virus wipe out entire partition? Did an employee accidentally delete crucial data? Anikos Technologies also offers data recovery services. Even if you do not have a current backup of the affected data, data recovery may be possible. Anikos Technology has the expertise and tools to go in and recover deleted, formatted, and lost data. Some recoveries are easier than others. For example, recently deleted files are less likely to have been permanently wiped off of the drive than those deleted many years ago. In addition, physically damaged and water damaged hard drives have their technical challenges, but data recovery is possible.

Data Disposal

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of managing the entire lifecycle of data, including proper disposal of information. Whether you need to permanently delete confidential data at the end of its lifecycle or need to dispose of an old hard drive containing data, Anikos Technologies offers solutions and technologies that ensure that your sensitive data is safely disposed of.