At Anikos we use Anchor, a product from eFolder. We guarantee that your data is well protected after we had 2 customers attacked by Ransomware and we were able to recover 100% of their files in minutes. Nothing compares to experience and we couldn’t have a better experience than a real attack.
Anchor syncs corporate data, allowing users to access and share critical files and folders from their computers and mobile devices. With Anchor, users are able to work from virtually anywhere.

Anchor is full of features that make it easy for users to securely share and work with others. Users have various options for sharing with internal and external parties, can control the files and folders that they have shared, and set policies for the ways in which they are accessed.

All of this combines to form an intuitive and seamless user experience. Finally, Anchor gives administrators total control over their corporate data. A comprehensive dashboard, rich reporting, and granular controls makes it easy to manage an entire instance of Anchor. Coupled with military-grade encryption, custom or unlimited retention, remote wipes, continuous backups, and rapid restores, Anchor sets the standard for business grade file sync