Maintenance Plans (Managed Services)

Looking for a better way to manage routine IT tasks in your small or medium sized business? Anikos Technologies offers managed services that allow you to relax with the knowledge that your systems are kept current with all of the latest operating system and antivirus updates. Rather than hiring a full-time employee to manage your systems or relying on an employee who lacks the time or skills to adequately manage these tasks, put Anikos Technologies to work.

Our managed services are a cost effective solution to a problem that plagues businesses throughout Florida. Neglecting critical tasks and solving computer and network problems after the fact is both costly and disruptive. With Anikos Technologies’ managed services plan, not only will your systems be maintained on a timely, regular basis, if a problem does occur, automatic alerts notify us immediately! Not only can we start solving the problem remotely, we may have the problem solved before you’re even aware of it.

Automate Computer Maintenance Tasks

Managed services involve installing software on your network server, workstations, and laptops. Once installed and configured, the software goes to work. The software performs the following computer maintenance tasks:

  • Automatically downloads Microsoft security updates
  • Defrags hard disks according to a regular schedule
  • Removes temporary files
  • Runs custom scripts such as reboots devices, backs up data, and so on

Event Alerts

In addition to automating crucial computer maintenance tasks, Anikos Technologies can set up the system to automatically send alerts due to:

  • Unexpected system shutdowns
  • System crashes
  • Service failures
  • Device failures
  • Backup job failure
  • Antivirus program not up to date
  • Defrag process did not run on hard drive
  • Event log errors
    Suspicious system behaviors or viruses detected
  • Custom notifications

These alerts allow us to know a problem exists so that we can quickly mitigate it.

Remote Troubleshooting

With the managed services software installed, Anikos Technologies can solve many computer and network problems remotely. Not only is this less disruptive to your office, it’s possible for us to learn of a problem after hours, connect to your system remotely, and solve the problem before your staff arrives for work the next morning. This reduces downtime and lost productivity.

The managed service plan allows for automatic alerts as well as the ability for users to open support tickets by phone, Web form, or email. In addition, daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be generated detailing all managed service activities.

Remote vs. Onsite Computer Help

Remote computer help is fast and effective for many computer and network issues, but some problems do require onsite support. We often offer free onsite technical visits to our managed services clients. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the contract. However, most of our clients prefer the speed and convenience of remote IT support over waiting for us to drive out to the jobsite.

Disaster Recovery/Backups

Business Continuity

Here in south Florida, power outages disrupt businesses for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Can your company afford to have your network down for a single day? A week? Three weeks? Anikos Technologies has business continuity solutions for just about any budget. Whether you need a short term uninterrupted power solution to buy you enough time to safely power down your systems or need your systems to be online and available 100 percent of the time, Anikos Technology can design a plan that addresses your business continuity requirements.

Disaster Recovery

When a server does fail and you have a backup, a traditional restoration involves reinstalling the server’s operating system, reconfiguring the server, and then restoring the data. From there, all of the network PCs must be reconnected to the newly restored server, potentially taking many hours – or days – to return the network to its previous working state.

Anikos Technologies understands that most businesses can’t afford to wait several days to recover from a server crash. Anikos Technologies prefers the “bare metal restore” process, a process that takes far less time to accomplish than the traditional restoration. This approach uses applications that take an exact image of a server or workstation. The image is then restored onto different hardware. Performing a bare metal recovery saves time and results in huge cost savings for our clients. Not only is this process less expensive, your business will be up and running faster with less revenue lost due to the server failure.

Data Backups

In addition to power concerns, the safety and integrity of your data is also crucial. We offer a number of data backup solutions to ensure that should something go awry, your data is safe and sound. From redundant drives, RAID drives, and other forms of onsite backup systems to secure, online backups, regular data backups are a must.

While tape and optical backups have long been used in small and medium sized businesses, physical media such as tapes must be changed by authorized staff members. Ideally, the backups should be stored offsite in case of fire or computer theft. However, this presents logistical and security concerns. Anikos Technologies offers a number of data backup solutions including secure online backups. Should a fire destroy your building or a thief run off with your server, your data is safe and easily downloaded to a new server.

Data Recovery

Did an employee accidentally format his computer’s hard drive? Did a flood damage your server? Did a network virus wipe out entire partition? Did an employee accidentally delete crucial data? Anikos Technologies also offers data recovery services. Even if you do not have a current backup of the affected data, data recovery may be possible. Anikos Technology has the expertise and tools to go in and recover deleted, formatted, and lost data. Some recoveries are easier than others. For example, recently deleted files are less likely to have been permanently wiped off of the drive than those deleted many years ago. In addition, physically damaged and water damaged hard drives have their technical challenges, but data recovery is possible.

Data Disposal

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of managing the entire lifecycle of data, including proper disposal of information. Whether you need to permanently delete confidential data at the end of its lifecycle or need to dispose of an old hard drive containing data, Anikos Technologies offers solutions and technologies that ensure that your sensitive data is safely disposed of.

IT Consulting

Anikos Technologies specializes in helping small to mid-sized businesses plan, build, and manage information technology. Whether you need an interoffice network with secure connections between offices, remote connections for your work-from-home employees, new servers, or help installing a new printer or software, we’re here to deliver professional IT services.

Network Services

Anikos Technologies provides a wide range of network services ranging from network design, cabling, configuring virtual private networks, LAN support, WAN support, configuring routers and switches, installing firewalls, network security, installing and configuring e-mail servers, updating systems, installing and configuring servers and workstations, upgrading server software, upgrading client software, upgrading hardware, and more. In short, if you need help with your network, Anikos Technologies has the networking expertise you need.

Onsite Services

Depending on the nature of the work, some projects require our onsite presence. For example, adding a new hard disk or upgrading your server’s memory requires physical installation of the hardware. Located in south Florida, we serve businesses in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties.

Remote Services

Some IT projects can be handled remotely including Web development and our managed services plans. From remote updates, system maintenance, and online backups to troubleshooting of systems via secure connections, the ability to provide IT support remotely allows Anikos Technologies to work efficiently with minimal disruption to your office staff.

Remote Help Desk

If your computer is connected to the Internet, we can connect to it remotely to provide you with the help you need through our Remote Help Desk. Whether you’re having trouble with your laptop, personal computer, or server, if you can connect to the Internet, we can help! Instead of listening to a technician’s instructions and trying to solve computer problems on your own, let a remote help desk technician connect to your computer and perform the tasks remotely.

Hardware and Software Sales

Anikos Technologies partners with a number of computer manufacturers and software developers including IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Symantec, Computer Associates, and more. Let us order, deliver, install, and configure systems, peripherals, and software to your specifications.

Rather than ordering systems that might not be right for your needs and then struggling to make them work, team up with Anikos Technologies. We are IT professionals who work diligently to understand your needs and supply you with technologies that address those needs.

Internet Service Provider

Internet Access

Anikos Technologies has partnered with some of the most prestigious telephone carriers and Internet Service Providers in south Florida. Understanding that phone and Internet services don’t come in a “one size fits all” package, we first schedule a visit at your location to analyze your phone bills as well as your Internet needs. Once we understand your usage patterns and goals for the future, we then search for the best options available in your area. After presenting you with quotes from area providers and getting your okay to move forward, we then install any necessary cabling and equipment needed to manage your connections.

Among the many phone and Internet options available are:

  • DSL lines
  • T1 lines (including data T1s and dynamic T1s)
  • Cable connections
  • Internet over Satellite
  • Analog phone lines
  • Digital phone lines

If you have a mobile workforce, we can also set your mobile workers up with wireless Internet cards for their laptops or netbooks.

Internet Security

Once your office has access to the Internet, your network becomes vulnerable to threats such as viruses, worms, and Trojans. Your network must be adequately secured against these threats. Anikos Technologies can install and configure firewalls, routers, and computer security software.

In addition, if you want to restrict employee Web surfing or block specific categories of websites, we can install and configure software that allows you to control access to the Internet or monitor Web surfing activities.

Email Services

Is your company ready for custom email addresses? Whether you currently have email or are starting from the ground up, we can help you obtain a domain name, install email servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server, configure email clients, and set up automatic routing of certain message types. For example, if you want all messages addressed to “” to go to your sales manager’s inbox, Anikos Technologies can easily configure your server to accomplish this.