Looking for a better way to manage routine IT tasks in your small or medium sized business? Anikos Technologies offers managed services that allow you to relax with the knowledge that your systems are kept current with all of the latest operating system and antivirus updates. Rather than hiring a full-time employee to manage your systems or relying on an employee who lacks the time or skills to adequately manage these tasks, put Anikos Technologies to work.

Our managed services are a cost effective solution to a problem that plagues businesses throughout Florida. Neglecting critical tasks and solving computer and network problems after the fact is both costly and disruptive. With Anikos Technologies’ managed services plan, not only will your systems be maintained on a timely, regular basis, if a problem does occur, automatic alerts notify us immediately! Not only can we start solving the problem remotely, we may have the problem solved before you’re even aware of it.


Automate Computer Maintenance Tasks

Managed services involve installing software on your network server, workstations, and laptops. Once installed and configured, the software goes to work. The software performs the following computer maintenance tasks:

  • Automatically downloads Microsoft security updates
  • Defrags hard disks according to a regular schedule
  • Removes temporary files
  • Runs custom scripts such as reboots devices, backs up data, and so on

Event Alerts

In addition to automating crucial computer maintenance tasks, Anikos Technologies can set up the system to automatically send alerts due to:

  • Unexpected system shutdowns
  • System crashes
  • Service failures
  • Device failures
  • Backup job failure
  • Antivirus program not up to date
  • Defrag process did not run on hard drive
  • Event log errors
    Suspicious system behaviors or viruses detected
  • Custom notifications

These alerts allow us to know a problem exists so that we can quickly mitigate it.

Remote Troubleshooting

With the managed services software installed, Anikos Technologies can solve many computer and network problems remotely. Not only is this less disruptive to your office, it’s possible for us to learn of a problem after hours, connect to your system remotely, and solve the problem before your staff arrives for work the next morning. This reduces downtime and lost productivity.

The managed service plan allows for automatic alerts as well as the ability for users to open support tickets by phone, Web form, or email. In addition, daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be generated detailing all managed service activities.

Remote vs. Onsite Computer Help

Remote computer help is fast and effective for many computer and network issues, but some problems do require onsite support. We often offer free onsite technical visits to our managed services clients. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the contract. However, most of our clients prefer the speed and convenience of remote IT support over waiting for us to drive out to the jobsite.