Ready to move your phone system from traditional to VoIP?

Anikos Technologies offers AVAYA IP Office systems. The IP Office product was built specifically for small and medium sized businesses, offering the communications features that you need in a simple-to-use configuration. With three editions (Essentials, Preferred, and Advanced) offered as well as a number of productivity solutions tailored to specific job roles, such as power worker, mobile worker, office worker, receptionist, customer service supervisor, customer service agent, and teleworker, the IP Office is extremely flexible and loaded with features.

While your office staff will love the capabilities of IP Office, you’ll love the benefits of VoIP. For example, by routing mobile and office phone calls through the Internet, your long distance and cell phone charges will be dramatically reduced. With its built-in conference calling bridges, you can host 64-party conference calls, thus reducing your need for expensive third party conference calling plans. In addition, if you have several locations and the power goes out in one office, that office’s phone calls will automatically rollover to another office branch.

Anikos Technologies is your one-stop destination for IP Office integration. Let us meet with you to determine the best IP Office solution for your current needs. Not only will we help you find an affordable, cost-effective hybrid solution (VoIP, Digital and analog), we install and configure it too. Want to integrate IP Office with Microsoft Outlook so that your caller’s contact information appears onscreen as soon as the call comes in? We can do that! Want to set up an auto attendant to answer incoming calls? We can do that too.

As a modular Hybrid system, AVAYA IP Office is extremely flexible. Not only can you start off with a small system that reduces your phone bills and meets your current needs, your IP Office system can grow as your company does. Because we deal with the IP Office product lineup on a regular basis, we can match you with the right system and features for your business needs both now and in the future.