Internet Access

Anikos Technologies has partnered with some of the most prestigious telephone carriers and Internet Service Providers in south Florida. Understanding that phone and Internet services don’t come in a “one size fits all” package, we first schedule a visit at your location to analyze your phone bills as well as your Internet needs. Once we understand your usage patterns and goals for the future, we then search for the best options available in your area. After presenting you with quotes from area providers and getting your okay to move forward, we then install any necessary cabling and equipment needed to manage your connections.

Among the many phone and Internet options available are:

  • DSL lines
  • T1 lines (including data T1s and dynamic T1s)
  • Cable connections
  • Internet over Satellite
  • Analog phone lines
  • Digital phone lines

If you have a mobile workforce, we can also set your mobile workers up with wireless Internet cards for their laptops or netbooks.

Internet Security

Once your office has access to the Internet, your network becomes vulnerable to threats such as viruses, worms, and Trojans. Your network must be adequately secured against these threats. Anikos Technologies can install and configure firewalls, routers, and computer security software.

In addition, if you want to restrict employee Web surfing or block specific categories of websites, we can install and configure software that allows you to control access to the Internet or monitor Web surfing activities.

Email Services

Is your company ready for custom email addresses? Whether you currently have email or are starting from the ground up, we can help you obtain a domain name, install email servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server, configure email clients, and set up automatic routing of certain message types. For example, if you want all messages addressed to “” to go to your sales manager’s inbox, Anikos Technologies can easily configure your server to accomplish this.